Day-old Brown Shaver Chicks require a Chick Starter feed with a Coccidiostat added which prevents chicks from getting coccidiosis. We have always used Weston Chick Choice as it has a coccidiostat added. 

Clean fresh chlorine free water and Chick Starter should be always available. 

They need a heat source for at least the first 6 weeks. Chicks can get very cold quickly, hence they need to be kept in a warm draft-free area. There are several ways to do this, depending on the number of chicks. A simple Fish bin with sawdust and paper with a desktop lamp ( old-style bulb) works well inside a room/garage. Do not use Eco Bulbs as they don’t produce enough heat. Just lower the wattage of the bulb over the next 6 weeks. Start with a bigger wattage and slowly drop the wattage down over the weeks.  

At 6-7 weeks they should be fully feathered and be able to withstand being outside in a covered coop with an enclosed sheltered area.  

I always recommend you check the weather at the time of year before they go outside. 

 At this stage, you have put a lot of time and effort into raising your chicks. So, an extra week inside when it’s cold outside is worth it. 

We can supply Chick Choice. The right amount of your chicks are going to eat up to 6 weeks of age, for the number of chicks you are collecting. We also have bags of untreated pine shaving available for your chick area.