Orders are now being taken for 10 Week Olds Pullets ready for collection from 18th April 2023.

 At present we will not guarantee orders will be filled from this batch of inquiries from 4/2/2023 onwards. You are welcome to go on a waitlist. We do pullets all year round so if it’s not this batch it will be the next batch you get them.

At 10 Weeks they have gone from a Chick Starter feed to a grower pellet from 7 weeks old. They will stay on this until 17 weeks. They have been outside during the day, for 3-4 weeks depending on the weather, and gone back inside at night. They can fully fend for themselves, but not when predators are around and need to be locked up inside a coop at night to roost. Perches need to be available.

 They will stay like this until 17 weeks old and then at 17 weeks their feed is changed to a layer feed. Either Layers Mash or Layers Pellets, the choice is yours. We always feed Pellets as we find too much wastage with the mash unless it is made into a porridge form daily. 

Access to clean fresh water is a much for healthy hens. 

 My Grandmother always used to feed mash in the morning with the cooked left-over scraps from the kitchen the day before.  

We can supply Grower Pellets for your Pullets up to 17 weeks of age.  

E-mail us with any enquiries you may have in regardes to 10 week old pullets.